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Grover Beach Branch

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San Luis Obispo County Bar Association

Fee Arbitration Program

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SLO Legal Assistance Foundation

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e-Legal Services, Inc.

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Platinum Properties

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Santa Barbara County Superior Court

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Cook Division

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Solvang Division

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California Rural Legal Assistance

San Luis Obispo

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Paso Robles

400 Oak Hill Road

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Equine Law/Private Property for Public Recreation

Horseback riding is an every day occurrence in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. After all, there is nothing quite like the recreational activity of riding a horse to the tranquil peek of one of the Valley's many summits to view its spectacular scenery.

Construction Contracts

I am a local contractor. For years, I've been doing my work on a 'hand shake'. Lately, however, many of my customers are insisting on a written contract. . Are written construction contracts required in California, and how can they protect me?

Real Estate Broker Duties

I am a local real estate broker in Arroyo Grande. Are there situations when a real estate broker should refer a principal to an attorney for legal advice?

Judicial/Nonjudicial Foreclosures

I am a lender in San Luis Obispo. I greatly appreciate your articles.

Property Management Duties

I recently purchased a local property management company in Pismo Beach. Could you please explain what my duties are?

Landlord's Duty to Repair

I rent a residential premises in Oceano. The residence, however, needs a great deal of repair. Does my landlord have the duty to repair the residential premises, and what are my rights if she doesn't? Article

Neighbor Problems

I live in the Five Cities area. What kinds of 'neighbor' legal issues are common in our community?

Assistance for Mobilehome Owners

I am a senior citizen who lives in a local mobilehome park. The park owner claims that, if I sell my mobilehome, he can require that it be removed from the park. I'm on a fixed income, and can't afford an attorney to advise me. Is there anyone who can possibly help me?

Public Records Request

I recently requested public documents from a local City (under a 'public records request'), but have been given the 'brush-off treatment'. The City's attorney came up with strange language about the City not being required to 'create documents or records that do not currently exit,' and has refused to release the requested documents for my review. What, if anything, can I do about it?

Unlawful Detainer

I am a local landlord in Paso Robles. One of my residential tenants is behind on his rent. What can I do?

Dangerous Condition of Public Property

I live in Pismo Beach, but I often ride my bicycle up Grand Avenue in Grover Beach toward Arroyo Grande. This is a dangerous task, due to the fact that there appears to be bike lanes only between 8th Street and 11th Street. I have attempted to avoid the danger by taking residential streets through Grover Beach, but that has been even more dangerous due to the potholes and poor street conditions. I would hate to have to give up my recreational pastime. Any suggestions, and what is the law on the subject?

Disputes arise between buyers and sellers

I am a local real estate agent. On occasion, disputes arise between buyers and sellers. The Residential Purchase Agreement contain both mediation and arbitration clauses, but I don't really understand the difference. Can you please help?

Adjusted Rent Payment

I am a tenant of a local apartment building. Recently, I complained to my landlord that there was water damage in the bathroom wall. On three occasions, I requested that my landlord investigate the situation and make any necessary repairs, but he failed to respond. Finally, I hired a plumber to look into the problem. In order to do so, the plumber had to cut open the drywall, repair the leaky pipe, and patch the hole in the wall. I then deducted the amount of the plumber's bill from my monthly rent, and sent my adjusted rent payment (along with a copy of the plumber's bill, to my landlord. My landlord accepted the lesser payment, but then sent me a 30-day notice terminating my rental agreement. If he sues to have me evicted, do I have a defense?

Noisy Neighbors

I live in one of four units in a residential planned unit development in Grover Beach. For the most part, my husband and I get along very well with the owners of the other three units. The owner of one of the other units, however, is often working of various woodshop projects in his garage. Because of the close proximity of our living situation, the noise from this activity is very disturbing. I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but do I have any rights?

Civil Harassment

I live within Grover Beach. Would you please explain what "civil harassment" is?

Brown Act

I have recently been attending the City of Arroyo Grande Council meetings, and am excited about getting involved in our local politics. What is the ''Brown Act,'' what is its purpose, and have there been any recent changes?

Code Enforcement

I regularly attend City Counsel meetings (and other types of meetings) in the City of Grover Beach. There is often mention of "code enforcement".Do you have any experience with "code enforcement", and could you please explain what that term means?

Easement on the Roadway

I am the owner of property in Arroyo Grande. My neighbors have an easement on the roadway (which I own) for ingress and egress to their properties. The neighbors, however, have garden improvements that extend partially onto the easement. May I remove such garden improvements?

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