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Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Central Coast Evictions attorney provides qualified and caring legal services for a full range of estate planning and probate issues. I assist clients with organizing all legal documents and with making important decisions that reflect their specific goals and objectives for asset protection and distribution after death that also includes essential legal guidance for long-term health care planning.

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Real Estate Law

Attorney Boyajian has specialized in many areas of civil liability and transactional matters for over 28 years. Please call either of Attorney Boyajian’s 2 offices to schedule a mutually-convenient date and time for a consultation.

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Landlord Tenant Mediation

Attorney Michael J. Boyajian has, among other things, represented both landlords and tenants in various disputes for over 20 years. This experience, combined with training at Creative Mediation in San Luis Obispo, allowed Attorney Boyajian to create Five Cities Mediation, and establish himself as a recognized landlord-tenant mediator throughout San Luis Obispo County.

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New Law

AB 345 seeks to address the issue of recurrent lack of supervision violations on the part of real estate brokers by requiring real estate brokers, as part of the broker's forty-five hours of continuing education requirements, to successfully complete a three-hour course in the management of offices and supervision of licensed activities.

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Central Coast Evictions

Existing law provides that real property shall be deemed abandoned by a lessee and the lease shall terminate if the lessor gives notice of belief of abandonment. The notice of belief of abandonment can be given only where rent on the property has been due and unpaid for at least 14 consecutive days ...

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