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Central Coast Evictions FAQ

Do I need an attorney to handle my legal issue?

If you stand to lose a lot financially from a given situation, or if your freedom, career or property is at stake, discussing your situation with an experienced attorney allows you to methodically review all of your legal options regarding a broad range of life events to assist you with determining the best course of action. Attorney Michael J. Boyajian has over 30 years experience. However, if you have a landlord-tenant dispute, and you cannot afford to consult with or retain an attorney, perhaps California Rural Legal Assistance or the SLO Legal Assistance Foundation may assist you.

How can I ensure that I receive the most cost effective services from an attorney?

Ask an attorney for a written agreement of fees for clarity on projected costs. When communicating with your lawyer either by phone, email or in person plan your questions in advance and limit conversation to the immediate legal matter at hand. Ask an attorney whether a mediation is possible to avoid more costly proceedings. Inform your attorney of your budget and work around that figure or look for a competent lawyer who provides a payment plan.

Does consulting an attorney mean my case will automatically go to court?

Selecting the most appropriate attorney can provide you with qualified access to alternate dispute resolution methods that include mediation. An experienced attorney will do everything possible to settle your case outside of trial but is also prepared to go to court and work toward the best possible outcome. San Luis Obispo County has many qualified and experienced mediators to choose from.

Why is it important to have an estate plan?

Many people mistakenly believe that they “do not have enough assets for an estate plan” and think that all property will be immediately transferred to their children or immediate family. This is not the case. If proper arrangements are not made to distribute your assets after death, your estate goes into probate regardless of the size of your estate and your assets can fall into the wrong hands as well as being subject to much higher estate taxes.

Is it important to "get along" with your neighbors?

Attorney Michael J. Boyajian believes that it is extremely important to try to "get along" with your neighbors. If you have a dispute with a neighbor, however, it is equally important to attempt to amicably resolve the dispute before it becomes more serious and things get "personal". Attorney Boyajian has assisted many neighbors (and landlords and tenants) to informally resolve their disputes, without resorting to the court process and litigation.

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